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Fruit Dryer:This little machine makes *amazing* dried fruits and vegetables. I ordered the slick sheets and extra trays. The noise is not an issueit's not hair dryer loud, but Save Money By Drying Fruits and Vegetables at HomeHow to Get Started Drying Food. If you want to dehydrate foods quickly (and you don't mind warming up the kitchen), you can dry your fruits and vegetables in 
Drying Fruits and Vegetables - Home Food PreservationDrying removes the moisture from the food so bacteria, yeast and mold cannot grow and spoil the food. Drying also slows down the action of enzymes (naturally Food Preservation: Drying Vegetables — PublicationsThe following vegetables were rated as “excellent” or “good” by the University of Georgia for their quality after drying: carrots, sweet corn, garlic, mushrooms, Drying fruits and vegetables with a chimney solar dryerJan 22, 2020 - Using the chimney solar dryer to dehydrate fruits and vegetables This 5-page document includes directions for how to use the chimney solar Drying Vegetables - 9.308 - Extension - CSU ExtensionSuccessful drying depends on heat, air dryness and air circulation. Select vegetables to be dried at peak flavor and quality. Blanch most vegetables before Drying Vegetables - Nebraska Extension in Lancaster CountyDrying removes the moisture from the vegetables so that bacteria, yeasts and molds cannot grow and spoil the vegetables.

Lfd-6 Household Freeze Dryer for Freeze-Drying Food Fruits and Vegetables

Lfd-6 1 pcs

Fzg-10 High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer for Vegetable

Fzg-10 1 pcs

Industrial Vacuum Dryer for Vegetable and Fruit

1 pcs Negotiable